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Window On a Wider World equips our youth in the Panhandle communities to be inspired to "Reach for the Stars!" at the Texas Air and Space Museum, discover self-expression by connecting with horses at Dove Creek Equine Rescue, or even to find your creative passion for art with WOWW's Youth Art Show.

At Window On a Wider World, our goal is to provide arts, science, and cultural experiences beyond the classroom and to focus on a child's emotional and social development by using fun, experiential learning with our Learning Partners who help inspire the next generation.

We will open a window to a wider world for your student!



Today’s date:  July 8, 2020

Looking for some at-home Experiences Beyond the Classroom? Here are some of our LOCAL favorites:

Amarillo Museum of Art - Fun activities to do at home and an interactive gallery for creative exploration.

American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum -Coloring sheets, activity sheets, and crafts.

American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum - Sample Artifacts Teacher’s Guide:  Facts about trunk items and many other educational resources.

Canyon Area Library - Join the online book club and receive a 5 minute read daily in your email, keep up with your favorite author, and check out all of the new reading recommendations.

Canyon Area Library - Help with homework!

Carson County Square House and Charles Goodnight- Museum descriptions as well as travel guides, maps, and links to Historical Texas sites.  

Chamber Music of Amarillo - Listen to streaming audio recordings and watch videos of recorded live performances. 

The Citadelle:  Visit virtually to look at beautiful artwork and watch YouTube videos about the artists!

Creek House Honey Farm - Take a virtual tour to learn all about the honeybee and it's hive. 

Don Harrington Discovery Center - Discover At Home: How-to experiments and social media posts to watch and learn.

Dove Creek Equine Rescue - Rescue Documentary:  Watch videos about the ranch, horses, and the volunteers that take care of them.

Education Credit Union:  Discover tips and tools about money management, borrowing, earning power, investing, finance services, and insurances.

Freedom Museum USA:  A gallery of pictures.  Provides information about the Pampa museum and other information about WWII and the Pampa airfield.

Friends of Aeolian Skinner Opus (FASO) - Concert’s Organist and Flugelhorn/ Peter Richard Conte and Andrew Ennis

High Plains Food Bank –  Schools and families can help alleviate hunger on the High Plains by planting an extra row of food in "Their Garden" and donate the harvest to High Plains Food Bank.  Schools can also raise funds and collect canned foods for the fall "Together We Can!" Food Drive.

Mobeetie Jail Museum - Museum Treasures:  Take a virtual trip into history on the plains when you visit the Mobeetie Jail Museum.  Discover Wheeler County historical treasures like pages that show the first school in the Texas Panhandle and the history of Hidetown.  Virtually see artifacts on display in the museum, and read first-person accounts.

National Weather Service (NWS) Amarillo-  Have Fun With Owlie offers pictures of Owlie to color, a classroom meteorologist game, the resources for how to create an emergency supply kit and come up with a communication plan with your family.  Weather Science on the Kids and Teens tab, find videos of hurricanes and other nature forces, play games and become more "weather wise" with each activity.  Teacher lessons and parent information galore available on the Teacher and Parent link.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park – Visit the second largest canyon in the US!  Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the Grand Canyon of Texas, offers a virtual tour of the canyon with their Interactive Trails Map or enjoy the sites and beauty through photos in the Photo Gallery.

Texas Air & Space  Museum – We’ve got NASA – Let us bring the space to you!:


Informal Chat with Mars Rover Driver Keri Bean

Living Like an Astronaut


And if you're looking for even more resources, here are some of our favorites BEYOND the Panhandle:

ABCYA Online Learning Games (PreK-6th Grade):  The ABCya website has games arranged by subject, theme, type and grade level. Access to the perfect game for each learner is easily found by using the parent/teacher tab located on the menu

Amazing Educational Resources (All Grades): This spreadsheet designed website is a fabulous resource with learning links arranged by the company submitting the link, the subject covered, and the grade level.  Check it out often for the updates and additions.

Audible (All Grades): Amazon has books listed by level on this website. The best part is, while schools are closed, all the stories are free!

Brooklyn Museum (Middle & High School): Wonderful, high-resolution, artwork images ranging from ancient times to the present are available for viewing on this sight. The educator resource includes artwork background, questions for viewing, and activity ideas.

Busuu (All Grades): Second language learning for students age 5-14 is available here. Choose a language, select an age group, click on a lesson and start learning one of the twelve languages currently available.

Circle Time (Early Childhood & PreK): Interactive stories, activities, sing-alongs and Yoga adventures for children birth to 6 years is ready to roll.  Here you find fun for young children at your fingertips.

CK-12 (Science, Math, Social Studies for 1st – College): This site conveniently arranges online studies using Flexbooks, classes, webinars, and study guides. It invites you in to explore.

Code WizardLearn to code using free classes, apps, and websites.  Coding experience can open opportunities!

Dallas ISD At Home Learning PlansNeed another lesson for the day? Click on the grade level you need and find another activity.  Want to go on field trips? This site has virtual field trips that are updated weekly.

Education Reimagined (All Grades): This is a regularly updated user-friendly site with resources for students, parents and educators. It has challenges, games, videos, STEM activities, and ways to engage students with special needs.

Great Schools Math, Science, Reading and Writing Printable Worksheets (PreK-5th grade):  Printable learning sheets picked by the editors and arrange for easy access by grade level. The site can also be filtered by subject.

Kahn Academy (Math for K-12th Grade):  Math help is on the way!  This site can be used by students, parents and educators for all levels of math support. 

Learning A-Z (K-8th Grade): Educational literacy challenges have met their match.  Improve reading and writing skills and include science and social studies in the mix.

Little Kids Rock Music ResourcesThe place to start if you want to learn to play guitar, drums, bass, or keyboard is right here.

Mental Floss Virtual Museum Tours (Middle & High School): Ready to visit a world class museum?  Here is a site that has virtual tours of twelve marvelous locations including The Louvre and NASA. It contains images, video, and detailed descriptions.

MOUSE Educator (All Grades): Learn STEM and computer science content digitally. Check this out for challenges, platforms, and Mouse Create News!

National Educator Website – Financial Literacy: This site will save you time if you are looking for lessons plans and activities on money matters. It has grade appropriate lessons that include topic such as money value, saving, spending, taxes, and investments.

National Parks Virtual Tours – Google Earth: Using Google Earth and the images on this site you will visit the most breathtaking place found in the United States. The history of each park is also available.

National Severe Storms Laboratory’s Severe Weather 101What are the 'hows and whys' of weather?  What causes severe weather?  Learn about it here.

Young Meteorologist Program:  Severe weather 101 - Step into the wild world of weather.

Jetstream:  The NWS’s Online School for Weather:  Go on the Severe Weather Preparedness Adventure with Owlie.  Learn how to stay safe in dangerous weather and earn your Young Meteorologist Certificate.

SciJinks: NASA and NOAA’s weather site to play games and get questions answered about weather

Smithsonian’s Weather Lab:  Teacher information for weather instruction for 5th-8th grade students.

Web Weather for Kids:  Resources for older kids to learn about weather.

Kidsville News:  A fun, family newspaper that promotes education, reading, and good character traits in K-6th grades.

Be a Force of Nature:  What are the forces of nature?  Don't let them surprise you -- stay smart, stay safe.

New York Times Learning (Middle & High School):  Coronavirus resource page for high school students.

NYU Music Lab Experience (All Grades): Technologies and experiences for music making, learning, and engagement.

Open Culture: A great selection of free educational resources for K-12th grades.  Many subjects, activities, worksheets, libraries, read-alouds, and much more.

PBS (All Grades): Primary students can play fun games and explore adventures with Peg and Cat.

Scholastic Learn at Home (PreK-6th Grade):  Interactive experiences using Scholastic literature and authors. 

Share My Lesson (PreK-12th Grade): Parent and secondary student resources and information for distance learning.

Smithsonian Learning Lab (All Grades):  Access to exhibits and archives that allow exploration of learning labs and more.  Discover, create, share, and learn in the labs.

Teachers Pay Teachers (All Grades):  Lesson plans for teachers to purchase.

Teaching Resources:  A home school mom who has gathered some of the best art instruction links under one page. 

Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne:  A site with practical technology help for teachers.

Teen Breathe (Middle & High School):  An online magazine providing ideas for a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.

We are Teachers: Resources for anything from musicians every kid should know to scavenger hunts to virtual volunteer opportunities for teens.

Virtual Field Trips:  A place to find quality videos for on-site experiences for students.  There is a charge for full session.


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